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Why bother?

11 Apr

Do you know that feeling, that you’d rather not watch the news? Because all it seems to bring are tales of sorrow, suffering and shameful selfishness? Bombings, refugee crisis, Panama papers, abortion debate, US elections.. sometimes it seems like we are not moving forward at all, but rather flipping back through the darkest pages of history.

And the weird thing is: the truth is often more absurd than the most far fetched conspiricy theory. So sometimes, it seems a whole lot easier to become a pessimist or an escapist than a pro-activist. To think: ‘why bother’ and go shopping instead. Been there, done that (and have the closet to prove it). But does it change anything, really?

Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by lots of optimists, who, like me, believe that change does not just occur; it’s a verb: you have to just do it. Like the people behind the amazing ‘Harmony for Peace‘, whose annual concert at the Peace Palace in The Hague I will be hosting this month, with talented kids from all over the country performing together in the name of peace and cross-cultural understanding.

Or my wonderful coachee Saskia Stolz of the Power of Art House, who developed Moving People, to give refugees a face and voice, which she is presenting at Harvard, Yale and Columbia this week. You GO girl!

Or gender equality expert Jens van Tricht, founder of Emancipator, who will join us at the Gender @ The Lighthouse programme at Haagse Hogeschool for the Gender for Dummies event this week. Tell me: how often do you get the chance to hear a MAN talk about gender equality?

And speaking about gender equality, I will go back to my home town later this month, the lovely village of Bathmen, where I will join Vrouwen van Nu to talk about my book (S)hevolution and what we can do to change the world ourselves. Because isn’t that the best remedy in days of despair and devastation: being the change we want to see in this world?

And to the sceptics, who doubt whether all this will make any difference, who still say: why bother? Let me ask you this: when did doing nothing ever change anything?

Without change, no butterflies!

A change agent?

26 Apr

When people ask me what I do, I tell them: I’m a change agent. “Excuse me? A what?” I’m a change agent. I inspire people (individuals, organizations and companies) to change. My change agent’s toolbox is a mixed bag of media, mediation, moderation and.. modesty. There’s no change without awareness. And though a change agent can help people become aware, the process of reaching that awareness is a very personal one.

“So what do you do?” I help people become aware of and achieve the change they are looking for. This could take many different shapes or forms. In everything I do, I use what I call the five stages of change.
Step 1: participation
A process of change can only be successful if all stakeholders are truly engaged in the process.
Step 2: information
Change often starts with learning new things. In order to change something into something else, you need to know what exactly that “something else” implies.
Step 3: inspiration
Change without inspiration is like french fries without salt. Sustainable change comes from within, and inspiration is the key to unlock both head and heart.
Step 4: (co-)creation
Once the inspiration landed safely in both heart and head, it’s time to start working. What can we do with this inspiration and information? And who can help us realise these ideas and ambitions?
Step 5: transformation
Implementing the ideas that resulted from the previous 4 steps is what I call transformation. Without change no butterflies!

“So how do you do this?” I inspire people to change by using different formats, including think tank sessions, personal coaching or group brain storms. In addition, I also write and perform as a spoken word artist. On this site, you can read more about my work and my words.. I’ll keep you posted on future change projects. And in case you want to find out more: get in touch and exchange some change!

© Kirsten van den Hul The Change Agent

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