Her projects

Facilitation training (NWP)

Facilitation literally means ‘to make possible’. But how does a professional facilitator work? What does it take to get a group energised and inspired? And how do you make sure you reach the desired outcome? These questions and more are the basis of a tailor-made facilitation training program The Change Agent developed for the Netherlands Water Partnership, the gateway to the Dutch water sector.

Leef Zuidas (City of Amsterdam)

Zuidas Amsterdam is a wonderful place to live, work and study. But how do we make sure it stays that way? And how do we make it even better, with more things to do, around the clock, with more art and culture, more diversity, more participation? To bring the new vision of Zuidas alive, the Leef Zuidas (live Zuidas) program was set up. The Change Agent joined the Leef Zuidas team as an external advisor, to help connect even more partners, projects and people in Zuidas.

Gender @ The Lighthouse (The Hague University of Applied Science)

To watch the world with open eyes is important at The Hague University of Applied Science. Because by keeping our eyes open, we stand in the middle of society. The Hague University of Applied Science thinks its important that students and staff feel welcome, safe and valued. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from. In the context of global citizenship program, Kirsten organizes the Lighthouse gender program, Gender @ The Lighthouse. From January until June 2016 students and staff are invited to discuss issues around the topic of gender in an accessible, lively and light-hearted way.

The Freedom Lecture (De Balie)

For the fourth year in a row, De Balie and Amnesty International present The Freedom Lecture-series, hosts by Kirsten. For each lecture, one critical thinker gives a speech to tell his story and highlight the cause he or she is committed to. During earlier editions we have welcomed many inspiring speakers like LGBT activist Frank Mugisha from Uganda, internet activist Esra’a Al Shafei from Bahrein, Ukranian writer Andrey Kurkov and the celebrated Egyptian writer Nawal el Saadawi. Check De Balie for the latest news!

(S)hevolution at University of Amsterdam

Kirsten developed a (S)hevolution course for the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) at the University of Amsterdam, during which a group of Honours students of VU and UvA universities work on gender issues of their choice.

Kracht on Tour

Together with Petra Stienen, Kirsten hosted Kracht on Tour, a project by the Dutch Ministry of Culture, Education and Science, focusing on the economic empowerment of women, powered by Spitz.


Picture by Neeltje Kleijn


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