The Change Agent facilitates participatory change for a wide range of clients, from public to private sector, from cultural organisations to the corporate world. It could be cultural change, organisational change, or in some cases even individual change, long-term or short-term, local or international. The Change Agent works together with an international network of partners, such as Petra Stienen and This Memento.

In all her work, Kirsten follows five basis steps:

1: participation

Because top-down change is not sustainable, the actual stakeholders in the change process will need to get (and stay) involved.

2: inspiration

Because change happens both in the heart and the head, those involved will need to get inspired.

3: information

Because knowing is growing, those involved will be supplied with (or gather) qualitative and/or quantative research.

4: co-creation

Because ten not only know more than one, but also can create more than one, those involved will define what change looks like to them.

5: transformation

Because by doing it, you are changing it.

Want to know what The Change Agent can do for you? Kirsten would be happy to tell you more. Send an email to and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


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