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Oost West Thuis Best

5 Mar


Dit weekend was ik op campagne in mijn hometown, Bathmen (of Battum, zoals de locals zeggen), in het mooie Overijssel. Ik woonde er de eerste 18 jaar van mijn leven. ‘Import’, zo noemden ze ons, want mijn ouders kwamen oorspronkelijk niet uit Bathmen, maar uit Hilversum en Utrecht. Gelukkig hoorden mijn moeder en ik er meteen helemaal bij, in de noaberschap in onze straat.

Voor de niet-ingewijden: noabers vieren samen Oud en Nieuw, verjaardagen en bruiloften (inclusief versierde erehagen in de tuin), maar staan ook klaar als er iemand overlijdt. De condoleance, de cake voor bij de koffie: in een noaberschap sta je er niet alleen voor. Een mooie traditie, die gelukkig in mijn dorp nog steeds in ere wordt gehouden. Een echte gemeenschap dus, waar je mét elkaar in plaats van langs elkaar leeft.

Inmiddels woon ik, na jaren in Amsterdam en in het buitenland te hebben gewoond, alweer bijna anderhalf jaar met veel plezier in Den Haag. De zee, de rust, de historische gebouwen.. heerlijk vind ik het hier. Maar nog steeds ben ik blij als ik de IJssel oversteek en naar mijn mooie dorp ga, waar mijn moeder gelukkig nog steeds in dezelfde straat woont, te midden van dezelfde noabers. Op bezoek in Battum voelt daardoor nog steeds als thuis komen. Want je kunt een meisje wel uit het dorp halen, maar het dorp niet uit het meisje.

Over dorpen gesproken, deze week ga ik op bezoek in Bunnik, het dorp waar mijn opa en oma een groot deel van hun leven doorbrachten. Ook ga ik in gesprek met Minister Bussemaker op Internationale Vrouwendag en ben ik op 9 maart te gast in Rotterdam bij een bijeenkomst van het Informatiebureau van het Europees Parlement en de Vertegenwoordiging van de Europese Commissie in Nederland over de economische zelfstandigheid van vrouwen. En vrijdag, dan mag ik gelukkig weer de IJssel oversteken. Ik ben dan met kamerlid Keklik Yucel en kandidaat-kamerlid Mirthe Biemans te gast bij Maak de Toekomst in Deventer. Hopelijk zie ik jullie daar!

PS: gratis advies voor al die Westerlingen die nu denken: “Deventer? Da’s veeeeel te ver!”; probeer het eens. Overijssel is dichterbij dan je denkt 😉

Dear America,

4 Nov

In a few days, you’ll get to decide which breaking news the world will witness: the first female president in the White House, or a man who reduces women to their bodies and ‘migrants’ to their religion, lineage or colour of their skin. Yes, ‘migrants’ between quotation marks. Because Mr Trump with his Scottish-German ancestors and his Slovenian wife is just as much a migrant as the ‘bad hombres’ he says he wants to keep out. But that’s another story.

A diabolic dilemma, you say? Choosing between two evils? See, I just don’t quite get that. What is so hard about choosing between an experienced, intelligent, competent woman, and a man who only last week called an African American supporter a thug, and had him removed from the venue. A man being accused of sexual violence by an ever longer list of women and brushes off his own bragging about it as locker room talk. A man who wants to ban muslims from entering your country and wants to build a wall to prevent Mexicans from entering. Should I go on? The list is long, very, very long.

Honestly, I don’t get how this guy of all people made it this far. Someone who filed for bankruptcy several times, who justifies tax evasion and is not afraid to openly question the legitimicy of the elections. Has America really sunk so low that this is the best you have to offer to the world? America, that always knows best what’s good for the rest of the word. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya; you were the first to intervene, in the name of freedom, human rights and democracy. Not always quite successfully, but let’s not talk about that now. Now, we’re talking about power. And that goes far, very very far. In some countries it’s even easier to get a bottle of Coca Cola than clean drinking water. That’s how far it goes.

Why doesn’t she mind her own business, you may ask. Indeed, why don’t I. After all, we’re only talking about the next president of the United States, the self-proclaimed leader of the free world. With over 2 million troops and reserves and thousands of nuclear weapons, a few of which are even said to be stashed on Dutch soil. But hey, who am I, and those 7 billion world citizens within firing range of your weapons of mass destruction, but without voting rights in your country?

But what about Hillary Clinton and her e-mail issues, you may say. Her relations with Wall Street, dubious donations to the Clinton Foundation, her foreign policy? Not so smart, not so pretty, not something to be particularly proud of. But is it reason enough to call on people to vote for Trump, because you actually wanted to see Bernie Sanders in the White House? Really? Are you serious?

The land of the free and the home of the brave’. I really hope that turns out to be true next week. That you really have the courage to write history.

Dear America, please make America great again. But I mean really.

Kind regards on behalf of the rest of the world,

Kirsten van den Hul

The same question each year

5 Mar

Around this time each year, I get asked the same question.

‘International Women’s Day, is that really still necessary?’

I always give the same answer. YES!

Unfortunately, it still is.

Why? Because men and women still do not have equal rights, equal access, equal power, equal representation, equal safety.

Some examples:

This week, the Inter-Parliamentary Union reported that in 2015, only less than a quarter of MPs worldwide were women.

So much for representative democracy.

The representation of women in conflict resolution is even lower: only 8% of all participants in peace negotiations between 1992 and 2011 were women. And only 3% of all peace treaties was signed by a woman.

Speaking about representation: last week, waiting at an Amsterdam bus stop, I took this picture of an ad campaign:

CcD1f7vVIAAJPgH (1)

Suit Supply campaign in the streets of Amsterdam


Wrong on so many levels, that I don’t even want to begin to explain why.

Fortunately, the massive outcry that followed did lead to cities removing the campaign from their bus stops altogether. But the damage was already done. How about scrutinizing campaigns before putting them up?

Yes, sexism is everywhere – yet often so hard to acknowledge. ‘Aren’t you being a bit over-sensitive now?’ or ‘Don’t go all feminist on me darling’, or even ‘You must be having your period’ are only some of the reactions I got while trying to discuss sexist situations in daily professional life. That’s why I wholeheartedly support the #geengrapje (no joke) campaign by the Dutch Young Socialists and said yes when they asked me to be in their campaign video:


But that’s not all I do this Women’s Day.

On March 7th, I host a Transgender Seminar at The Hague University of Applied Science,

On March 8th, I host an intergenerational panel on feminism then and now,

within the framework of the amazing Mama Cash project More than a Muse,

And on March 12th, I host the FNV (Dutch Federation of Trade Unions) Women’s Day event 

(for more upcoming events, have a look here)

As American poet Audre Lorde said: ‘We‘ve been taught that silence would save us. But it won’t.’

Happy International Women’s Day!

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