Letter to a lowlife

21 Oct

You said you knew me from somewhere. Maybe you had seen me on tv? Or maybe you read my newspaper and recognised me from my picture? Was that why you approached me on the subway? Maybe. I hope so. Because I want you to read this column. Even though you probably couldn’t care less, I want to tell you what you did to me. What you broke.
I still feel you hands burning on my behind. Like it just happened. No matter how often I showered, washed my clothes these past few days, I still feel dirty. Your dirty fingers touched me. That has nothing to do with sex, of course. It’s all about power, isn’t it?
For a split second I did not know what to do. Some sort of blind panic, like I couldn’t breathe. And then I got angry. Really really angry. I had to control myself not to hit you on the head real hard.
In stead, I stepped back and told you to stay the hell away from me.
What did I expect to hear from you? Not ‘sorry’, in any case. But you calling me a filty whore? I didn’t quite see that one coming. It felt like you hit me while I was already down. Like it was my fault this was happening to me.
But you know what hurt me most? Even more than your hands on my behind? The fact that everbody saw what happened, that whole busy train full of people, and nobody opened their mouth. That I told you not to touch me, and that everybody looked the other way. Even the security guy I asked for help on the platform, once I got off the train. He first looked me up and down. Like he was checking whether I had asked for it. Yes, I was wearing a dress. So what?
He shrugged and told me their was nothing he could do about it. ‘It happened already, didn’t it?’ he said. I ran straight to the police. Told them what happened, gave them your description, filed an official complaint. Don’t think you get away with this, you lowlife.
I believe in karma. Do you?

One Response to “Letter to a lowlife”

  1. willem schild December 5, 2014 at 10:55 am #

    E.B.A, This stands for Eyes, Balls and Adamsapple. Allthought I am a big fan of non violence. I also like women not to get hurt. I know I also had to learn to be more women friendly and sometimes the words leave your mouth sooner than you thought about the fact what am I actually saying so sorry ladies. But, to make it up with you a little bit, here are some safety tips. I use to do Taekwondo and once I got kicked in the genitals, and, believe me ladies, then a man cannot function for a while. Also I once got in a situation where I was attacked by some men and I put my fingers in one guys eyes, believe me, that also stopped the violence. And the last A, for Adamsapple, is that with your fist you hit the man really quickly and really hard, then, he also does not function for a while.

    There are also some self defense courses based on a Israelian defense system KRAV MAGA, that can also help you in difficult situations and build your self esteem. But the best is to follow your intuition, and run away as fast as you can when you do not trust a man.

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