Fifty shades of grey

27 May

It looks like it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun, in the offices in Brussels and Strasbourg, with all those new nationalists, left-wing extremists, right-wing extremists, populists and eurosceptics. Front National, Syriza, Golden Dawn, UKIP, the Danish People’s Party, the True Fins.
On the surface, they may not seem to have an awful lot in common, but there is one thing they share: they’re all incredibly angry.
Angry at the European Central Bank for instance, which forces budget discipline down their government’s throat, or rather because it keeps helping the poor countries with loans. Angry at the foreigners, who steal the jobs of their people, or rather angry at the xenophobes who are angry at the foreigners. Angry at gay people, who desecrate holy matrimony, or rather at the homophobes. Angry at the Jews, or at the anti-semites. Angry at the rich, angry at the banks and their bonus culture, angry at the Euro. Angry at each other. Angry at Merkel. Angry at Dijsselbloem. Angry at Barroso. Angry at the Brussels bureaucracy, which they will soon be part of.
Yes, it’s bound to be a hell of a lot of fun, in Brussels and Strasbourg, with all that black-and- whiteness. An angry spectre of fifty shades of grey.
In the Netherlands, the angriest voters may have stayed at home last week, but the rest of angry Europe spoke loudly and clearly. And while the European voter was maybe not quite angry enough for an anti-EU block to be formed in the European Parliament, one thing can’t be denied: Europe is angry.
And while the leaders of the political centre are celebrating their damage control, I’m wondering what that’s going to look like, a European Parliament with a considerable number of angry representatives who think that the European Parliament should be abolished as soon as possible. While in the mean time enjoying their lavish salaries and per diems, of course.
You know what? That makes ME angry.

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