Fresh air in the Vatican?

30 Jul

While many have been singing the new Pope’s praises, and even hugged him when they had a chance, I have to admit I remain skeptical of the man in the Holy See. Finally, a modern Pope who knows what’s going on in today’s world, people say. Does he really? Yes, he organized a cool beach party in Brazil. He prefers the ordinary guest house over the splendor of the papal palace? Great. And the fact that he washed the feet of prisoners and refugees is nothing but commendable, sure. But whether the arrival of pope Francis really means a breath of fresh air in the Vatican? I doubt it. On his way back from Brazil to Rome, the Holy Father talked to the press, on board of the papal plane. He said that homosexuals should not be condemned or discriminated. Finally, you may think. About time. But then he went on to show us what he’s made of. Pope Francis reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church’s position that homosexual acts are sinful, but homosexual orientation is not. Now that’s what I call hypocrisy. Being gay is not a sin, but acting gay is? That’s like saying you have nothing against cars, as long as they don’t drive. What’s it worth? Absolutely nothing.
He also discussed the role of women in church. Female priests? Definitely not. Cause ‘the church has spoken and said no.’ Yeah right. Who has spoken? A bunch of old men. Go figure.
But then there’s former South-African Bishop Tutu, who said last week he would rather go to hell than to a homophobic heaven. He said the struggle for gay rights is as important as the one against apartheid, and religious arguments should not be used to justify discrimination.
See, that’s the kind of guy I would wanna hug.

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