Let’s all get a burqa?

16 Jul

Picture this: getting fired for being too hot. It happened to Melissa Nelson, a dental assistant from Iowa, USA. I googled her, and she is gorgeous, truth be told. But with her pretty blue eyes and golden locks, she was a threat to her employer’s marriage, so he decided to fire her as a safety precaution. Cause who knows, he might be tempted to dive into something other than his clients cavities. He had already asked her to dress more conservatively, cause she was distracting him with all that beauty. But she kept being irresistibly attractive to the poor dentist. Even his wife started to get worried. I try to picture their dinner table conversations. ‘How was work today honey?’ ‘Well, Melissa’s skirt was quite a challenge today!’ This situation had to change, something had to be done. So the young mother was laid off, after ten years of loyal service. Last Friday, Iowa’s (all male) Supreme Court ruled that the dentist had every right to do so.
He had acted from his feelings, and her gender had nothing to do with it.
I run into them every now and then, men who blame me for distracting them. Who have a conversation with my breasts instead of me, and hold it against me. ‘I can’t help being attracted to you!’ they tell me. ‘You shouldn’t look so damn hot.’ And their women, who blame me for their husbands behavior. Like it’s my fault their man is checking me out! Should we all be getting burqas then? Talking about the burden of proof.. I rest my case your honor!

One Response to “Let’s all get a burqa?”

  1. Anouk July 16, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    No hollar back ;-P

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