Who’s asking for it?

5 Feb

“Are you surprised you were harassed in Cairo, a woman on such a busy square. You were kind of asking for it, weren’t you?” some people told me after hearing about last week’s groping incident on Tahrir Square, Egypt.
Asking for it? Really?
I wonder whether the suspects in India’s horrendous rape case, who pleaded not guilty last weekend, are using the same argument. That the 23-year old student they left bleeding on the sidewalk after gang raping her, was asking for it? That she should not have been on that bus at that time?
The same was said in Germany last week, after a journalist wrote about a prominent politician coming on to her during an interview. Her breasts would look good in a Dirndl dress, the former Minister of Economic Affairs had told her. But in stead of the utterly out-of-line politican, it was the journalist who caught flack. “She had no business meeting him at a bar at night.” was one of the comments in German media. “That’s asking for trouble.”
It sparked an unusual Twitter storm in Germany. Over a hundred thousand tweets were sent over the past days, using the hashtag #aufschrei (outcry), reporting all sorts of everyday sexism. From doctors who couldn’t keep their hands off little girls, to parents blaming their teenage daughter for being sexually assaulted. “You shouldn’t have worn such a short skirt.”
People, it’s 2013. Isn’t it about time to start blaming the doers in stead of the victims? Cause let’s be honest: WHO is asking for trouble, really?

One Response to “Who’s asking for it?”

  1. tiny beunk February 5, 2013 at 2:56 pm #

    Things like this still get me angry … men always seem to get away with a lot of crap!

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