I salute you, men!

20 Nov

Tell me guys, did you have a good party yesterday? Breakfast in bed, I hope? Presents, flowers or an extra beer? Doors held open by the ladies, compliments on your tie and for once, no complaining about the toilet seat? A group hug with the guys at the office? No? That’s a shame. It was your day! Why? Yesterday was International Man’s Day. Really? Yes, really. A day, as I learned on the special website to celebrate men’s positive contribution to society. Because we women, we already had our day. And men did not think that was fair, so they also got a day. A day to commemorate discrimination against men.
About time. Because in today’s world, being a man isn’t easy.
You have to look good, smell good and wear the right clothes. You have to be tough, a “real man”, preferably with six-pack and biceps so you can put the garbage outside and carry the groceries. You have to know about cars, computers and electricity, so you can change a tire, install a modem or re-fill the central heating. Not be afraid of spiders and mice, nor of commitment. Talk about your emotions, but also about the latest sit-com. Make enough money, pay dinner and sometimes treat us to a nice little weekend trip. You have to be romantic, but not soft. Understanding, but have your own opinion. Be a leader, but not bossy. Give women compliments, without getting too personal (because then, you’re a sexist). Boy, it would make my head spin, being a man. Not to mention you guys still earn 19% more, supply most ministers, presidents and CEOs, and all of that without make-up, cleavage or high heels. Wow. I salute you, men!

One Response to “I salute you, men!”

  1. Mara Psaraki November 20, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    Good one! 🙂

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