Passport, tickets, toothbrush

24 Jul

Did you know that 65% of all women have a hard time closing their suitcases? No, it’s not because the suitcases are too small, nor is it due to lack of mustle power. It’s because we women take too much stuff with us when we travel. Shocking fact: on average we pack 60 items. Those cute new shoes, an extra dress just in case, and, oh why not, a warm sweater for when it gets cold.
Of course, it doesn’t get cold, we wear flip flops every day and we never wear that extra dress. The result: almost half of the stuff we dragged with us ends up coming home unworn. But in the mean time, we easily buy some extra kilo’s, which means we have to sit on our suitcases to close them on our way home. And why? I honestly don’t know.
For years, I have been telling myself to travel light. Weeks before my departure I start making neat little piles, that get smaller once the trip comes closer. At least, that is the idea. I try to be hard on myself. Take those pants, leave the skirt. Take the bikini, leave the bathing suit. Still, I keep dragging along too much. Maybe it’s because we women want to have options. Standing in front of the closet (or suitcase), just like at home, and thinking: is it going to be green or blue today? Or maybe we simply don’t like surprises and want to be prepared for anything. You never know, right?
Luckily, I’m flying with one of those budget airlines with strict rules on what you can bring: one piece of luggage weighing 20 kilos. Access luggage means paying extra. Would I be able to travel light this time? The first pile is ready: passport, tickets, toothbrush. Now the rest.

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