Are men the weaker sex?

19 Jun

I never really understood why men should pay, hold doors open and carry bags. Always nice of course, but not necessary per se, if you ask me. I’m perfectly happy pulling my wallet, holding doors and strong enough to carry my own bags. “All wrong!” my girlfriends tell me. “Are you surprised men are scared? Let them do something for a change!”
Maybe it’s because I was raised by a single powermom who drills and lifts just as easily as she bakes cakes. So the whole Men-Do-This-And-Women-Do-That way of thinking is quite foreign to me. It’s not out of principle or stubbornness that I do not accept help easily. It’s just not what I’m used to.
And that needs to change, according to my girlfriends. “But I don’t need help, do I?” I said in defence. That’s not the point, my friends argued. “The point is they need our help to feel needed. So actually, you are doing them a service, in stead of the other way around. Not women but men are the weaker sex, don’t you see?”
So I need to be more dependent in order to help men feel manly again? I never looked at it that way.
Yesterday, I went salsa-dancing with the same friends. On our way out, a man followed me. “You are leaving already?” he asked shyly. “I was just plucking up courage and then you left.” He wanted to ask me for a dance but was too afraid. Plucking up courage? Is it really that bad?
“You women are so self-confident these days”, said the shy salsaman. “And that makes us insecure.” “You see? We told you so!” said my friends in unison.

2 Responses to “Are men the weaker sex?”

  1. Juanita June 20, 2012 at 10:37 am #

    zo herkenbaar!!!! love your blogs!

  2. TaMiya Dickerson June 27, 2012 at 1:33 am #

    Well now…weaker is debatable. What I have found that has made my life with me easier is that the good ones who were raised with respect for women want to be gentlemen and treat women well. And that is 10 times more true if he likes you. So who am I to impede upon his desire to be helpful. I actually like it. I can definitely always help myself…but it is totally ego and pride if I have to prove it to everyone every day. Sometimes it is easier and more sexy to be gracious, smile and say thank you. There is a saying in the states…”you get more bees with honey then with vinegar”. Let the men be nice to you…it makes them happy and it makes the rest of us happy too!

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