Kids these days

22 May

It’s rush hour on the Amsterdam Underground. I barely manage to get a seat between two senior citizens, who grudgingly take their bags to make way. I’m on my way to a meeting and check the address on my mobile phone.
Gentleman number one gives me a look of disapproval, gentleman number two produces a deep sigh. “I just don’t get it, kids these days and their devices. Seems like they are inseparable.” His friend grumbles in agreement. “Asocial, that’s what it is. Can’t have a decent conversation. All caught up in their own little world.” I look around me, trying to find those kids. Then I realise they’re talking about me, with my 35 years hardly a youngster.
The men go on about those asocial kids, and then switch to the next topic, the weather. (“Spring is not what it used to be, is it?”)
In the mean time, I get a message on my phone. A friend from Italy lets me know he and his family are fine and have not been hit by the recent earthquake. The old men throw me an angry look, apparently irrated by the modest bleep coming from my phone. “You know, I’ve been listening. You are absolutely right. I am caught up in my own world. A world that’s grown much bigger thanks to mobile internet. Maybe you should give it a try!” They both shake their head. No, those gadgets are not for them. They are the analog generation. “Bleep” whispers my phone again. Another message. It’s an email from my 68-year old aunt saying she loves the picture of my mom and granny I just posted on Facebook. She’s not the only one. Over 55 friends from all over the world liked it already. Quite asocial, isn’t it?

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