Who says women are demanding?

10 Apr

Poor guys. Just when they were getting to terms with their new metrosexual manliness, with their daddy days, men’s magazines and facials, finally giving in to their passion for knitting and cooking. And then all of a sudden women turn out to be looking for beer drinking meat eating macho men. According to a large-scale survey by a British fashion brand, women want a tough guy who can change a tyre, has a big car and earns more than them. Mister Right has dark hair, wears jeans and a v-neck and is at least 1 meter 83 (6 foot) tall. Men who make less than 58K, did not go to college or do not have a driver’s license can walk on, as can the unshaved granola guy. Vegetarians and philosophers do not score high on the list, and neither do overly hairy men. 43% of all interviewees says they prefer having a good laugh over having a deep conversation. Forget shopping or watching a soap opera together: British women would rather see their guy watch a game of football in the pub with his mates, and one third of the respondents prefers shopping alone. The perfect man has a soft side too: he calls his mom at least twice a week and sheds a tear or two over a romantic movie.
Oh my. Are we that demanding? Can’t be true! But then again, a quick survey among my single friends shows that Dutch women have their lists, too. A small sample from their demands: he needs to be reliable, ambitious, caring, handy, able to cook and clean, love kids, be funny, patient and well-read, be able to talk about football, the weather and politics, but also about his emotions. But most importantly: he needs to be taller, “cause we need to be able to wear heels and not look down on him”. Who says women are demanding?

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