Not just the birds are whistling again

27 Mar

Isn’t is lovely that it’s spring time again? The blossoms are about to blossom, people are cheerful and the birds are whistling again. And not just the birds, for that matter. At the first signs of a nearing skirts day, men wake up from their hibernation, like they have been waiting for the first sighting of bare female legs for months. Actually, one does not even have to wear a skirt to get their attention. Jeans work just fine as welll.
“Tssssss. Tssssssss. Darling, doll, little princess, wanna be my baby?” I’d say he was about 55. Big belly, beer in one hand, cigarette in the other, chilling on a bench with his mates. I walked by, thinking: what do you think? That I turn around smiling, give you my number and say “Hey baby, give me a call?” I don’t think so. “Tssss. Baby, come here!”it sounded again, louder this time. I sighed, shook my haid, and kept walking. The weather was way to pretty for an argument.
You know what’s funny? A lot of those whistlers and sizzlers actually think they are doing a lady a favor with their primal sounds. That it’s in fact a compliment to get attention from them. And if the lady does not respond, she can sometimes even count on getting comments like “Got an attitude? Don’t think you’re pretty!”.
Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with getting compliments from the other sex. By all means! But dear gentlemen, please give us something we can work with. Be creative, think of something new, make it personal. Funky hairdo, loved your column, nice car, sexy shoes, great perfume: bring it on! But that tsss-tsssss-ing, you can save that for the neighbor’s cat.

One Response to “Not just the birds are whistling again”

  1. anouk swart April 17, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    I recently was talking to some friends from Brooklyn and they mentioned the skillfull sounds men make to attract women on the street…Like nightingale’s they whistle and tweet…I m just wondering and would like to know, has it really worked for you?

    Check out this counterpart from the men who get their woman whistled at


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