Come on girl, you got this!

20 Mar

For years I had to endure the jokes. “What a monster, must be from the year 0 AD? Museum material!” But I always defended my good old television. Ok, maybe it was a bit bulky, had a bit of a tummy, but it worked. Untill the remote control gave in. No problem, I thought. Nothing wrong with a little bit of exercise. But after that, other problems followed. When I was doing my spring cleaning, I found a big black stain on the wall, right where the tv had been. Was it going to explode? That finally convinced me. It was time to buy a new one.
But that is easier said than done. Cause where to start in the jungle of Hertz and HD? Do I want LED or LCD? How many inches? And do I need 3D, Smart TV or Blu Ray? All of that means absolutely nothing to me.
Feminist or not, fortunately damsels in distress can always count on the help of the Tech-Savvy Man, who gladly assists in moments like these. So off to the store I went, with my savvy saviour by my side. It only took five minutes before it all started getting blurry. “That one!” advised the saviour. “I’ll take it”, I heard myself tell the sales assistant.
It took a while, but then the bulky museum piece was outside with the garbage (thank goodness, the Tech-Savvy Man was also a Strong Man) and I was by myself, in front of my new flatscreen tv, surrounded by heaps of cables, armed with the user manual. “Come on girl, you got this”, I told myself. But no matter what I tried, I kept staring at a blank screen. As much as I hate to admit it, installing electronic devises is not quite my forte. What I can do? Assembling a tv stand, with my pink screw driver. That, I can do.

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