If the shoe fits…

27 Dec

They obviously had not heard our Majesty’s Christmas message, those rioters across the pond. It was a pandemonium, with police called in to keep the fighters apart. Pepper spray was used, several trouble makers were arrested. Food riots? Demonstrations? No, the launch of the latest Nike Air Jordan.
“The earth has enough for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s desire”, our queen quoted Mahatma Gandhi. It made me think of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, my favorite children’s book.
The caterpillar has an insatiable hunger for ice cream, salami and popsicle.
I sometimes am a Very Hungry Caterpillar myself, although in my case it’s not snacks but shoes and bags that make my mouth water. The result? Boxes full of bags in every possible shape and color, 39 pairs of boots, heals, ballerina’s and sneakers (not counting flip-flops and sandals). Just like Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous, I invest in accessories. “Shoes are my hedge fund, darling!”
Do I really need them? Of course not. Pure desire.
Say what you hope and do what you can, advised our queen Beatrix. In view of the recession, which finally made its way to this part of the world, my new year’s resolution is: consume according to need.
I decided to call my friend Katarina in Athens. If there’s anyone who knows about consuming less, it’s her. “We are doing our best. I am learning to make my own medicine, we are growing are own vegetables. We aren’t going out much, we just meet at friends’. All we talk about is money. It’s become an obsession.” Katarina’s African neighbor laughs about the Greek panic. “You call this a crisis, when you can no longer buy two but just one pair of Nikes?”
Speaking about shoes: how many pairs would our queen have? And does she really need all those hats? She already said what she hopes. Now she should do what she can.

Happy New Year!

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