Join the shevolution!

13 Sep

Since the Netherlands Women’s Council appointed me as this year’s UN Women’s Representative, I have met with hundreds of women. Old women, girls, doctors, politicians, lawyers, housewives, hairdressers, migrant women, rural women, businesswomen, you name it. I asked all of those women two simple questions:
-what do you think is the biggest issue for women these days?
And, most importantly:
-what could be a solution to solve that issue?

They mentioned a myriad of issues, including equal pay, women in positions of power, child care, financial litteracy, sexual and reproductive rights, LGBT rights, access to education, mobility.
Some women I met were worried about the lack of solidarity among women, others about the increasing sexualisation of society. Some talked about lack of rolemodels, others about the need for gender-specific statistical data. One thing they all agreed on: it’s still a man’s world. “We live in a male pale Yale society” as one of them put it.

Time for a shevolution! Before I leave to New York to address the General Assembly in October, I am taking a train through the Netherlands to meet more women. What do you want me to take with me to the United Nations? For more information about dates and schedules, please check the Shevolution page or register online. Join the shevolution!

One Response to “Join the shevolution!”

  1. Lucie Harkema September 13, 2011 at 9:19 am #

    To all sheroes of the world: JOIN THE SHEVOLUTION!

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