31 Dec

Every 6 months, I make a dreamlist. A list of goals I want to achieve, both on a personal and a professional level. After 6 months, I look back to see where I stand, and where I need to go next.
It helps me stay on track, and keep my focus.
On my last dreamlist, traveling was one of the goals.
2010 took me to NY, where I was blessed to be part of Gustavo Rivera for State Senate campaign team in the Bronx (Go Gustavo!!), got to perform at the NuYorican, spoke at Project Set Alumni Day in Brooklyn Public Library and even got to work as a spokesmodel. Only in NY.
2010 also took me to Belgrade, Serbia, where I hosted a workshop with Jamila Aanzi on the power of inclusion. We even wrote an essay about the same topic, which will be published next year. Stay tuned for more!
2010 also took me to Warsaw, Poland and Athens, Greece, for a Nike project. In Poland, I was blessed to witness All Saints Day, when everybody burns candles for loved and lost ones at every cemetry in the country. In Athens, I witnessed demonstrations and strikes, spoke to cab drivers who work around the clock for a meagre 20 euros a day, saw migrants sleep in parks and all of that amidst the magnificent ruins of European civilisation..
And last but not least, 2010 took me all the way to Egypt, where I made my next dreamlist. What’s on it? To keep changing. Like the shameful so-called tradition of Zwarte Piet. Or the position of women, which still leaves a lot to be desired. But also: to be a better daughter and friend, to meditate more and stress less.. My motto for 2011: the sky is the limit.
What’s yours?

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